Let’s find your True North together.


True North Advisors Team

True North Advisors delivers concierge planning services with the strength and experience of 165 years from Northwestern Mutual. True North Advisors is the combination of the expertise from the wealth management practices of Jim Campbell CLU, ChFC and Bryson Bard CFP, ChFC, RICP. Together these partners created True North Advisors as the premier financial planning experience focused intently on the small details and not just the dollars.

At True North Advisors we help our clients define the path to their deepest values. Once their True North has been clearly defined, we work with our clients to adjust their heading. Finally, our team regularly corrects course with our clients to ensure they’re still on track. Our team of specialists is uniquely qualified to help our clients dream and achieve those goals. Let us help you align your assets, aspirations, and actions to True North.